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The Paul A Elsner Library is loacated on the Mesa Community College Southern and Dobson campus in Mesa Arizona.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

HLC Kudos

Hi Folks:

We passed!!

By now most people know we were recommended for accreditation by the NCA Higher Learning Commission Team. Since this is the library's 2nd close encounter with NCA (RM Focus Visit in Nov 2001) it was especially gratifying to know that our work definitely helped the college.

It is without a doubt that our Department Chair's quiet, steady, unrelenting and genuine commitment to a successful visit helped the library shine during these last 3 days.

However, I blog here today to tell you all that our preparation for the visit over the past 2 years has been my most positive library experience in 6 years at MCC. All staff (and even some student workers) contributed to getting ready for NCA. Stats, furniture, art, computers, fridge cleaning, policies, notebook, etc, etc. We all gave something to this process.

Give yourselves a pat on the back over Spring Break. When we can do something as stressful as preparing for a 10 year exam so well, it's certain we can tackle the changes and challenges that are yet to come wonderfully!

I am grateful to work with people who like to help others and in a place that allows us to do that daily. Yeah MCC! ... and to my library colleagues- Hooah! (or if you prefer 'ooh-rah')



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